The knowledge and structures of FireLab and the whole TS&E Group are available for companies for consulting on specific issues or for broad spectrum research and development projects. Complex projects that require a highly varied multidisciplinary approach can be developed with a combined effort by several research groups or Departments of the Politecnico di Milano.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Design support on fire safety systems, even in complex buildings, with smoke diffusion and evacuation models
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Performance evaluation of fire protection systems and components
  • Reaction to fire tests of building materials with Single Burner Item (SBI)
  • Ignitability tests with a single flame source

Every study is based on an in-depth bibliographic research.

Past and current projects:

Metropolitana Milanese S.p.A.

2006-08: Smoke control strategies optimization for underground fire scenarios (automatic metro lines, 1-rail and 2-rail lines)

2008: Smoke control and Fire suppression strategies optimization for road tunnel fire scenarios
quantification of metro tunnels fire scenario critical and confinement velocities by physics – mathematical correlations;
quantification of main variables (T(t), [CO2](t), …) inside tunnels and stations by numerical codes (SES, ECART, FDS).

2011-12: benchmarks analysis on a smokeproof enclosure of a typical emergency egress in a subway tunnel line (MS Thesis)

Hughes Associates Europe S.r.l.

2006: Fire safety strategies optimization for multi-floor hotel building

2007: Smoke control strategies optimization for multi-floor storage building fire scenarios
quantification of main variables (flame highness, ceiling temperature, smoke layer thickness) by physics – mathematical correlations.
quantification of main variables (T(t), [CO2](t)) inside scenarios with smoke control measures by numerical codes (FDS – 2006, ECART and FDS – 2007)

RSE S.p.A.

2013: Ignitability test with single flame source and non standard SBI test in support to the definition of a new norm for fire reaction testing of solar panels.